150 Captivating Chemistry Experiments Using Household Substances

Instill a love for science with the delightful experiments contained in this book. The experiments do not require expensive lab equipment and use ordinary household materials which can easily be obtained from a grocery or hardware store. This book contains 10 chapters covering topics such as Density, Air Pressure, Acids and Bases, Chemical Reaction, Polymers, and more. Each chapter provides a brief description of the topic to be discussed followed by a series of experiments to help your student fully understand the concepts. Each experiment is arranged starting with an Objective and followed by the Materials Needed, Safety Precautions, and Procedure (steps in completing the experiment), and ends with an Explanation. The experiments are suitable for grades K-12; however, adult supervision is a must. This book will provide you with many exciting experiments at a minimal cost and would be a practical supplement to any science curriculum.

150 More ... Experiments is designed to pick up where the first volume left off and includes exciting experiments on density, air pressure, gas laws, phase changes, properties of liquids, properties of solids, solutions, chemical reactions, acids and bases, polymers, energy, electricity and magnetism, light, and "edible chemistry." Like the first book, each of the experiments within can be completed with ordinary, household materials, but often offer dramatic results! ~ Carl

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