Cells & Life Series

Like other books from Heinemann Library, I am continually impressed by the way these books are put together. The text is direct, informative and interesting, and is shared on each page with the large, full-color photos and micrographs of cells, single-celled life, and tissues. Each book is divided into chapters by topic, and each two-page spread within a topic features a more specific topic area. For instance, in Cell Division & Genetics, the first chapter is about the cell splitting cycle in general, and one two-page spread features the copying and dividing of the nucleus. The text explains the four stages of mitosis, including prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase along with an excellent full-color diagram. My favorite part of the page though, is the awesome 1000X magnification photo that shows the coiled DNA all jumbled up like a bunch of fuzzy purple caterpillars (Sometimes visual people just need more pictures to make things interesting!). Each high-quality book includes a glossary, index, and suggested reading. 48 pgs. - Jess

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