Biology: Search for Order in Complexity 2nd Ed.

This classic Christian biology text, first developed in the 1970's by the Christian Research Society, has been fully updated and revised by Christian Liberty Press for a new generation of high school students. The hardcover text has a fresh, exciting look and features an abundance of full-color photos. 29 chapters cover the scientific method, chemical perspectives in biology, the chemical structure of biological materials, cells, genetics, growth and development, classification systems, fungi, viruses, bacteria, algae, invertebrates, vertebrates, human biology, human reproduction, plant life, plant structure and growth, vascular and non-vascular plants, theories of biological change, similarities of organisms, evolutionary theory and its inability to explain our origins, ecology, the balance of nature, biogeography, conservation, and more. 420 pgs.

By customer request, we have added the Student Laboratory Manual and its corresponding Teacher's Guide. Designed for classroom use, homeschool families may modify experiments for home use. The Student Laboratory Manual contains thorough instructions for experiments along with space for documenting experiments and summary questions. Lab equipment and supplies are necessary for successful implementation of the experiments and needed equipment includes: dissection tools and specimens, a microscope, prepared and blank slides, slide covers, blood testing kits, and a variety of chemicals. Contact our customer service for a complete list of supplies. The Teacher's Guide provides a complete supply list, extension activities, lab objectives, lab preparation and procedures, discussion questions and answers.

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