Owl Pellet Kits

Let me dispel a common misunderstanding - owl pellets are indigestible fragments that an owl throws up, not owl poop! Makes it much more appealing, huh? And why are owl pellets so neat? Because you can dissect them and find the bones of the small critters that they have eaten, and literally see what the owl had for dinner! Both of the kits (2 or 3 pellets) contain all the materials you'll need, including 2-3 owl pellets, a small magnifying glass, tweezers, and a "Field Biology Guide." The guide is 12 pages, and discusses what owl pellets are, where they are found, how to dissect the pellet, follow-up projects after the dissection, how to identify specific owl prey by skulls, a key to lower jaw bones often found in owl pellets in the Pacific Northwest, suggested further reading, and a skeleton diagram that will help you reconstruct your own if you have enough bones, plus a bone sorting chart, so you can take stock of what you have. A refill kit is also available and contains two owl pellets so you can relive the experience with another student (no guide, tools or chart included in refill kit). An in-depth project to accompany a bird unit or food chain study. - Jess

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