Uncover a _____Books

Take a three-dimensional, inside look at various animals as you journey through these books. Each is centered around (literally) a 3-D model of a featured animal imbedded in the center of the book. The book is designed so that when you flip a page, a layer of the model is "peeled off" leaving the rest of the model in place. The diagrams and illustrations are colorful and informative. They describe the different body parts being revealed, telling why the animal needs those features to survive and also including general information about the animal. A very small bit of evolutionary material is included in a few of the books, but overall they're great at simply and colorfully describing the animals. Another neat thing is that when you're done reading through the book, you are viewing the clear model, fully reconstructed, from the back! It's a very neat concept and fairly unique. Pages are full color and made out of thick cardstock, and the model pieces are composed of hard plastic. Approx. 20 pgs each. A fun and informational supplement. - Jess

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