Animal Lives Series

This series from Teacher Created Resources shares fascinating details about a variety of animals. Each book covers a different animal, highlighting different species of that animal, where the animal is known to live, different aspects of their life cycle (how they are born, how they survive, how long they live), what they eat, dangers they face, how they adapt, and more. Each book also highlights human threats to the specific animal and conservation steps that have been taken. Text is presented in large font, with small passages and easy to read sentences. Each book is generously illustrated with stunning full-color photographs of the featured animal. Captions for these numerous photographs share even more info about the animals. Do you know which snake can swallow a person whole? How far away an eagle can spot a rabbit? If penguins can sleep while floating in the ocean? These entertaining, fact-filled books answer these questions and so much more. Each book includes an index and a glossary that defines unfamiliar words bolded throughout the text. Books are full-color, 32 pages, softcover. ~ Rachel

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Grades: 2-8
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