Treasury of Animals and Nature

These Know-It-All books share kid-friendly, interesting information about a variety of different animals. Each book covers twelve animals or nature topics with over 20 pages of info on each topic. There’s usually a sentence or two on each page, giving general details about the featured animal. The pages are full-color and have adorable, detailed illustrations of all the different kinds of animals. As kids look at the pictures of animals in their natural settings, they learn facts about habitat, diet, size, different breeds, body parts, life cycles, and survival skills for each animal. The books are great to read aloud to preschoolers, as they have a storybook feel to them, or for young readers to enjoy themselves. Volume one covers dinosaurs (some evolutionary content), whales, seals, sharks, fish, snakes, spiders, bugs, butterflies, horses, kittens, and wild cats. Volume II covers puppies, safari babies (lions, zebras, elephants, etc.), predators (leopards, tigers, snakes, etc.), wolves, bears, bats, birds of prey, frogs, lizards, crocodiles, volcanoes (with info on the different parts of a volcano and how they are formed, locations, historical eruptions, etc.), and mummies (process of mummification, historical finds, etc.). If you want to introduce kids to basic information about a variety of different animals, this series is sure to captivate them with its bright pictures and informative, fascinating text. Each book measures 8” x 8”, 288 pgs, hc. ~ Rachel

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