Bible 1: Truths for Life (1st Ed.)

This Bible curriculum has a completely new scope and sequence from the previous editions. With an intention to develop a God-centered view of the world, the worldview instruction is implemented by helping students apply biblical truths to 43 common questions. The major doctrines introduced are God, God’s Works, The Fall, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Christian Living, and End Times. Questions such as: Who is God?, Can God do all things?, What is atonement?, What is faith in Christ? will be answered and discussed. Through these engaging and interactive lessons, children will develop a strong biblical foundation as they study God’s Word. Students gain an understanding of God’s creation from a biblical standpoint, learn to make the truths they learn a part of their life, and understand how unbiblical worldviews are not true. The kit consists of a teacher guide, student workbook, assessments, and assessments answer key.

The Teacher Guide includes everything you need to teach your student with confidence. Detailed lesson plans for 180 days give parents the objectives, materials needed, discussion questions, Bible stories, scripture references, and complete instruction. There are also reduced copies of student pages with answers. Bible truth songs and instructional aids (games, activities, visuals, etc.) are included in the back.

Student Workbooks are engaging and include a colorful picture for each Bible story. A summary of the lessons is included with illustrations. Activities might include multiple choice, true and false, fill-in-the-blank by using a word bank, coloring, and more.

Assessment Packets include 8 Reviews and 8 Chapter Tests (reviewing a few Bible truths at a time). The reviews and tests take the place of a lesson and are multiple choice questions. Instructions on when to administer the assessments are in the teacher guide. A separate Assessments Answer Key packet includes a copy of the reviews and tests with answers (three-hole punched unbound).

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