Life Processes Series

Sometimes smaller-sized topic books on science concepts can just be so much more interesting than science text readings, no matter how engaging the subject. That's one reason I love these science series from Heinemann Library. They know how to include interesting and informative text with great diagrams and beautiful full-color photos in a way that makes even "dull" science concepts seem to come alive. Each two-page spread in these books focuses on a specific topic, with well-written text and important words highlighted in bold type, so the student can look these up in the glossary, if desired. Each page also features photos, diagrams, and interesting "asides". Additional reading and an index are also appended. Note: these books are from a secular publisher, and certain volumes, particularly Adaptation, Classification, and Survival & Change may contain some degree of evolutionary content, although this was not an issue in my review copy of Food Chains & Webs. - Jess

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