BJU Consumer Math 3rd Ed.

Updated with current pricing and terminology, the 3rd edition BJU Consumer Math remains a practical and essential math course for high school students. Beginning with a review and application of basic math skills, the text covers rates, ratios, proportions, percents, operations with integers, algebra and integer exponents, customary and international measurements and conversions, linear measurements, as well as area and volume. Students then dive into specific consumer math topics. Income, short and long-term budgets, personal banking, interest rates, borrowing money, transportation related consumer math (buying new or used cars, insurance, gas, and maintenance matters), food, clothing, housing (mortgages, renting, home maintenance etc.), insurance, income taxes and the financial aspects of taking vacations. Through the course, biblical principles are emphasized. According to the publisher, the 3rd edition is compatible with the 2nd edition, although there are changes to some of the exercise questions and illustrations, so the page numbers and some answers will not match.

Softcover student edition provides student readings, helpful examples, exercises, as well as chapter and cumulative reviews.

The two-volume, softcover teacher edition provides helpful teaching information, tips for solving the difficult math equations, lesson plan overview, reduced student pages, answers and solutions to textbook exercises, and additional/supplemental problems if needed.

The assessment packet includes quizzes, chapter tests, and quarterly exams. Not reproducible. Answers are found in the assessment key.

The homeschool kit includes the student edition, teacher edition, assessments, and the assessment key.

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