Aleene's Collage Decoupage

Kid's love to make collages! It can be for a science project (weather,) history (an event or person,) language arts (a favorite book,) geography (country/oceans,) and of course for your art lessons! Decoupage is a craft that goes back to Victorian times where you apply glue to a surface, lay a paper image on it, and seal the paper with the glue. Decoupage glue is thicker than regular white glue. It dries clear, is water-resistant and acid-free. The paper you use can be from greeting cards, gift wrap, scrapbook paper, pretty napkins or tissue, posters, magazines or regular copy paper. You can apply paper to wood, canvas, glass, plaster and foam. I have done a lot of decoupage and have found that if you apply the image and let it dry, and then seal it - it lies flatter than if you glue-apply-seal all at once. You can refurbish yard sale furniture for the kid's rooms by gluing on fun paper images! Do a whole chair from pages of an old dictionary for your school room. All kinds of fun stuff! ~Sara

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