Creation or Evolution Home Study Curriculum

Where did you come from? Why are you alive? Were you created? How long were the days of creation? What is science? What is evolution? Does science support the theory of evolution? Does it make a difference? These questions and more will be answered in this program. In order to give a full understanding (and allow students to give a complete defense) of our Christian beliefs, this curriculum covers the first eleven chapters of Genesis, a discussion of science, the evolution model, and also why evolution doesn't measure up at all to the laws of science. Ok, now that I've given you the basics, let me just say that this book is fantastic. It explains things so clearly and systematically, and it establishes throughout that the Bible is the final authority. While students might wonder about some explanations (such as what happened during the flood and what the earth looked like before and after the flood), the authors have been clear to state a theory as such and say that other theories exist within the Creation Science movement. Interspersed throughout the text are worksheets (answers are at the back of the book). This book also has an index, recommended resources, and tests to be completed at the end of each unit. All the worksheets and tests from the main book are in the Workbook & Tests book. ~ Genevieve

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