Lego Science Sets and Teacher Guides

If there had been kits like this when I was a kid, I might have gotten a clearer picture of the concepts being taught. The ideas presented in these kits are better understood when you can actually see them at work and build them with your own hands. Each kit comes in a sturdy storage container with a snap-on lid, compartmentalized tray to keep your pieces organized, an inventory card with a list of components, 2 building cards with step-by-step instructions, and stickers to label your container. Although designed to be used by students working in pairs, these can be easily used by individuals.

Supplementary teacher guides are also available. Lessons include vocabulary, explanation of concepts, photos of machines in the real world, and activities for demonstration. There are suggestions for expansion activities related to the building cards found in the set. Scenarios are given in which the student designs a contraption to meet specific criteria. These are 20-page, 6" x 8" paperback booklets which have reproducible pages for the student to use as a reference while building. These are optional, but would be a definite plus in teaching the units. These kits are a great way to reinforce material being taught in any science curriculum. ~ Donna

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