Straightforward Science Series

Each of the volumes in this series explores a scientific concept in detail, first laying the groundwork and providing the reader with the necessary background to understand the concept, and then elaborating on it. For example, in Food Chains, the reader is first introduced to two groups of organisms; plants, which make their own food, and animals, which eat other organisms as food. Then herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores are all discussed in relation to each other before taking the concept to different environmental conditions such as ocean, seashore, forest, grasslands, etc. The book culminates in a discussion of recycled plant and animal materials, as well as how food chains relate to people. Large, eye-catching, full-color photographs and drawings complement each part of the text, and small “investigations” for the reader to conduct as further research are featured as well. A glossary is also included, in each volume. - Jess

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