History Highlights

Each book in this series uses an attractive timeline format. The upper two-thirds of the page discusses a particular sub-topic and has colorful photos, illustrations, and maps, and also shows a vertical timeline along the edge of the page focusing on that sub-topic. In the lower third of the page, running horizontally along the bottom of the page, is a broader timeline that is not limited to the sub-topic above. This horizontal timeline spans the two facing pages and is colorful and easy to read, definitely not cluttered as some timelines can be. One helpful feature of this horizontal timeline is that each event is color-coded. Different colors are used for different geographical areas, as explained in the key. For example, an event in Europe may be in a blue box, an event in Asia in green, and an event in Africa in pink. This feature makes it easier to focus quickly on a particular geographic area when necessary. The number of years covered in the horizontal timeline varies from book to book. For example, Timeline of the Classical World covers 60 years in each two-page spread, while Timeline of the Industrial Revolution covers 10 years. Besides the colorful, well-illustrated, and uncluttered appearance, I appreciated the explanation of the significance of each time period at the beginning. These books include a glossary, index, and suggestions for further reading. They would make great supplements to a history curriculum or other history or literature materials. 48 pgs, pb. ~ Caryl

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