Science Essentials

Ordinarily workbooks are not my preferred learning tool, but these large, fairly comprehensive science workbooks are different. Each 352-page workbook covers aspects of many different branches of science. Topics in Grades 3-4 include dinosaurs, animals, human body, health, nutrition, plants, the solar system, the earth, weather, the environment, magnets, electricity, and simple machines. Grades 5-6 cover a few different topics including the scientific method, the animal kingdom, the human body, genetics, plant and animal cells, food chains and webs, environment, geology, meteorology, the solar system, elements, electricity, simple machines and more. Wow!

They're not just workbooks, either. Scattered amongst pages of various learning activities are many hands-on projects such as building birdfeeders and bird watching, testing different tools to imitate beaks and pick up objects, making a red blood cell out of gelatin, mapping your tongue, building circuits, testing different liquids with litmus paper, making garden markers, building a volcano, and much, much more.

The workbook pages themselves use a variety of activities, ranging from questions to Venn diagrams, to matching, labeling diagrams, playing games, following directions, making charts, etc. All pages are full-color, packed with illustrations and just looks like fun to do! I don't think your little scientists will complain about working through these meaty workbooks.

Previously known as the Complete Books of Science, each updated book also includes a pull-out poster and stickers (poster and stickers for Gr. 3-4 book features the periodic table and periodic table stickers). Grades 1-3, which focuses entirely on the solar system, includes a solar system poster and planets stickers. - Jess

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