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This second "triple" set contains Microscopic Explorations, Discovering Insects and The Wonders of Light.

The Microscope Explorations unit explores the basics of using the microscope as children investigate plants, animals, fungi and protozoa, as well as crystals and crystal formation. An easy-to-use Tasco pocket microscope is included with the fourteen lessons and parent guide, along with everything else you need to do the lessons, except an onion and a slice of bread. The materials contain over 30 experiments and should provide about six-weeks of hands-on science. There is enough consumable equipment for several children working together to share. Extra pocket microscopes are available.

The Wonders of Light unit looks fascinating, also. From mirrors to rainbows, polarization to phosphorescence, these 16 lessons (with over 30 experiments) explore one of the most fascinating and basic of God's creations. As with other units from this company, the lessons are extremely well laid-out, the parent's guide makes it easy to just open the box and go, and everything you need to do the lessons is provided. Who could ask for more?

Beginning with "Spiders Don't Have Wings (Thank Goodness!)," Discovering Insects explores the amazing world of the insect (yes, they cover that the spider is not an insect). Twelve lessons are filled with hands-on activities, observations, and experiments. Can you find an ant trail? (If not, come to my house!) Janine and Mark are "itching" (did someone mention fleas?) to start this one.

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