Hydro-Dome and Refills

A hydroponics garden differs from a regular garden in one key way - soil. A traditional garden plants the seed inside soil, where the roots take hold and seek out nutrients. In a hydroponics garden, the roots grow through a sponge-like material, which the gardener ensures is filled with nutrient-rich water. This allows the plant to focus on growing upwards and outwards, rather than wasting valuable resources trying to grow roots and seek out nutrients. Thus, hydroponics plants tend to grow faster and have a richer yield, all without the mess of soil! This kit includes everything you'll need to start growing - the nutrients, a pump to aerate the water, sponges to plant the crops in, seeds, and the container. And refill packs are also available for when you want to try something new! A fascinating new method for a very old process. ~ Mark

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