Good Science Curriculum

Dr. Richard Bliss of the Institute for Creation Research wrote this science curriculum to provide a solid, God-honoring course for children in Christian and home schools. Very much a discovery type program, Good Science emphasizes teaching the process skills of science rather than just feed students rote information. The main objective of the program is to impart to children the skills necessary for decision making and critical thinking in the context of the attributes of God. Children learn to use the scientific method of observing, hypothesizing, experimenting, recording and organizing data, and evaluating results. Each course is easily a year or more of science curriculum covering both physical and life science. They come complete with a teacher manual, one student workbook, a set of video workshops, and a starter kit of experiment components (these are items the author felt might be difficult to obtain locally, so they are provided with the course). The workshop video is also available separately. It is an exceptionally good introduction to science that explores God's attributes and basic science concepts using lots of simple experiments. Viewing and working with the video workshop would also help prepare you for using the Good Science Curriculum with your children.

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Grades: 4-6
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