It's My Biz

When you use a new product, do you think you could make it better? Do ideas for businesses ever pop into your head? When you are interested in something, are you all in? Do you want to make people happy by providing them a service that will make their lives better? Do you want to make some money? Not sure how to start? Here are some kits to get you going! What a valuable learning experience for a student: actually create a business from the ground up! It's My Biz is focused on girls running their own businesses and becoming future She-E-Os (like CEOs, cute right?) Girls are encouraged to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. The Ultimate Business Guide Kit uses questions and checklists to see what you might want your business to be. Will it be retail or service? Profit or non-profit? What are your talents? What do you have time for? Then you go into branding - naming and marketing your biz. How will you price your goods or services? Learn to be organized from the very beginning and make a plan for the future. The guide is 39pp long. It looks thicker though because the same information is then in French and Spanish. I would just tear out these pages, because the kit is in a cute portfolio (8.5x10" w/elastic band) you can keep and use. It includes several calendar pages, ledger sheets, and loads of stickers, price tags, business cards, receipt pad & a small calculator! The color scheme is more teen than little girl (black/white/hot pink/teal/lime) with fun patterns. So, now that you have planned your business, if it is making cupcakes or jewelry, you are in luck! Check out the It's My Biz kits below to make your dream a reality. ~Sara

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Grades: 3-8
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