Math in a Flash Cards

These unique flashcard sets contain all facts for that operation, from zero to twelve. Each number family of facts is bordered in a different color, making it easy to isolate a certain family of facts for study. But wait - there's more! Each 2 ½" x 4" card features a punch hole in the upper left-hand corner of the flashcard, for one of the two metal rings included, so you can keep them all together without worries of losing them, or place only the cards the student needs to study on a ring to eliminate bulk and distractions. Each card is double-sided, with the answer on the back, so the student can flip the card over the ring and check the answer. Portable, complete, and color-coded, these are perfect for drill, self-study, even to take on the road! Sets include 169 flashcards and two 2 ¼" diameter rings. - Jess

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