Math Word Problems Made Easy

Word problems are often confusing to students because they have to figure out exactly what the question is asking and extract the important information from the passage to answer that question themselves, as opposed to answering a simple math equation. These books equip students with a five-step, fool-proof process that will help them understand and solve word problems easily. Teachers are guided through teaching students this process with a helpful example word problem in which they work through each step: What are the Facts, What is the Question, What Can We Eliminate, Choose a Strategy and Solve, and Does the Answer Make Sense. The most difficult part of this process is choosing a strategy to solve the word problem, and that's the main focus of these books. Each one outlines seven or eight strategies to use in solving word problems. All books cover the strategies look for a pattern, guess and check, work backward, use logical reasoning, draw a picture, and make a list, table, or chart. Grades 2-4 additionally teach make an organized list; grades 5-6 include choose an operation and identify unnecessary information. Each strategy is introduced with examples and ideas that will help the teacher explain when and how to use this tactic. The facing page holds several sample problems for students to work employing that strategy. After all strategies have been discussed and practiced, the rest of each book is comprised of one hundred engaging word problems covering the major math concepts for that grade level. Children are encouraged to use the five-step process to work through each problem, in order to become proficient at using the method. Each word problem involves a wacky scenario that will hold students' attention and motivate them to find the answer, and the format of the pages allows enough room for students to show their complete work. Students will no longer be intimidated by word problems once they have the math power to beat them! ~ Steph

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