Show What You Know on the Common Core

Preparing children to do well on state standardized testing is a goal of parents and teachers alike. Unfortunately, having book knowledge is really no guarantee students will test well. Test-taking proficiency is multi-faceted, which is why I think your students will benefit from these workbooks.

Designed by teachers for teachers and parents, the student workbooks begin with helping students identify test anxiety and various practical suggestions for coping. In the next chapter, several test-taking tactics are given including specific strategies for online tests. Extensive topical glossaries and examples are included. Two full-length comprehensive assessments conclude the book, with assessment questions constructed like those on standardized tests. Through this approach, students become familiar with question construction and how to answer multiple choice and constructed response assessment questions. The parent/teacher edition provides an introduction and suggested weekly timeline. Also included are the reduced student pages covering test-taking chapters and answers to the assessments. For tracking in the homeschool or classroom, common core correlation charts are included.

You will notice, with this series, the earlier grade books combine reading and mathematics. Sixth grade and up offers subject-specific books allowing more comprehensive coverage necessary at the upper levels, which provides the rigor necessary for mastery and academic success. PB. ~Deanne

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