Advantage Math / Ultimate Advantage Math

These workbooks provide ample practice in each of the skill areas as recommended by the NCTM standards, covering concepts with a gradually increasing challenge level, and including a small amount of teaching at the top of some pages. General topics include numeration and number theory, operations, geometry, measurement, patterns, functions, algebra concepts, data analysis, probability, and problem solving. There are both numerical and word problems. For example, the kindergarten book covers counting, number sets, addition and subtraction, shapes and patterns, and measurement. The 4th grade book covers number theory, estimation and number theory, operations, measurement, geometry, algebraic thinking, data analysis, and probability. The pages are attractive with a large font and plenty of white space, easy on the eyes. Review/test pages appear at the end of every unit. There is also a Tracking Sheet in each book for the student to record his/her progress - earlier grades by filling in the appropriate circles, later grades by noting the score received for each exercise. An answer key is found at the back of each book.

The original K-3 workbooks have been replaced by "Ultimate Advantage" workbooks. These are virtually identical to the Advantage Math workbooks, but also include posttests, an award certificate, and two-sided quiz cards with questions on one side and short answers on the other. Reproducible, 100 pgs, pb ~ Caryl

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