Smart Start Writing Paper

We love this logical and friendly approach to handwriting. Every sheet is labeled with an encouraging "Always do your best!" at the top. Lines are color-coded and little symbols appear at the far left of the lines to cue the student. The "ground" is a green line with a flower growing from it. The blue line (with sun peeking from behind a cloud) is the "sky." The dotted midline is red. Children simply "start at the sky and pull down to the ground" to form letters correctly. Space is left between ground and sky below for letters that "sink" below the ground. Paper is available loose-leaf (in 100-sheet packs) or in tablets (40 sheets), all-lined or story-lined with wider (1" total, 1/2" midline - landscape format) or narrower (5/8" total, 5/16" midline - portrait format) ruling. A Smart Start Super Slate (9" x 12" dry erase board ruled the Smart Start way) is also available. Happy paper with a kid-friendly system - who could ask for more?

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