Penmanship to Praise

The Word of God is the model for this series. Though designed to accompany the Weaver Curriculum, this series can be used with any home school curriculum. There are eight levels to the Penmanship to Praise series ranging from basic prewriting skills to both the traditional and italic styles of cursive. Each spiral bound tablet features a 5-day-per-week lesson plan and covers a 36-week period. The first four days of each week are intended for the student to practice his or her penmanship skills by writing a Bible verse (New American Standard Version). Although a collection of verses has been included within each book for your convenience, you may choose to select a verse of your own which better complements the curriculum you are studying. On the fifth day, students choose one of the border sheets available at the end of the book and copy the verse for the week in his or her best penmanship.

This series is equipped to take the student step-by-step through the writing process. Starting at the kindergarten level, this series assumes that the student has already been exposed to the letters of the alphabet and can recognize and reproduce capital and lowercase print versions of them. If this does not hold true, the student should begin at the Introduction to Manuscript level. Although brief review of some basic prewriting skills and the letters are provided for at the kindergarten level, the bulk of the text concentrates on writing practice through verse selections. The first grade level continues to focus on the practice of manuscript writing, and the transition to cursive writing is made at the second grade level. Beginning at the fourth grade level, students make the full transition to cursive writing.

Please note that these books do not provide much tracing practice! As mentioned above, manuscript letters are introduced in the Manuscript book and briefly reviewed in the kindergarten level. Although cursive writing is introduced at the second grade level, letter tracing activities are not provided for. Penmanship model sheets provide the only reference for correct letter formation. Starting at the second grade level, the majority of the books are comprised of daily practice sheets and border sheets.

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