Outmatched Card Game

A history/geography card match game that is a deep dive into Ancient History and will challenge your students as well as provide lots of memory reinforcement. Fast-paced once the basics are mastered, this game provides eight card decks which are used and mastered separately. There is a basic game which centers around “say it to play it”, which means that as a card is played it is read aloud. Likewise, when a match is identified, it is also read aloud. It’s the repetitious audible recitation of the information that cements it into memory. There are several advanced options for games as well as the basic one. The eight card decks each include 48 cards plus an Answer Key card, a Kicker Card (extra questions for advanced play), and a Tracker Card (for recording “win” information). Ancient History card decks are: Ancient Greece, Greco-Roman World, Ancient Greece (Archaic and Classical), Ancient Egypt, Rome, Rome (Fall of the Empire), Mesopotamia, and Israel/Judah. Kits include the card decks, a Quick Start Guide, an Instruction Booklet, and two score-keeping pads. There is also information for accessing downloads that provide additional extras and support information.

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Item # 003172
Grades: 3-12
Our Price: $49.00
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