Vocabulary Cartoons

Take a visual-mnemonic approach to learning and retaining vocabulary words. Studies have shown that a more bizarre or unusual "picture" or mnemonic increases retention while more common ones do not. So, the "vocabutoons" presented here are slightly absurd (though not ridiculous) and definitely memorable. In most editions, each word is featured on its own digest-sized spread. Underneath each cartoon is a witty mnemonic linking word (Wail sounds like tail) and a caption including the main word: “Cats wail when you rock on their tail” (you can imagine that cartoon!). Then, the specific vocabulary word is used in two or more sentences, in meaningful context, varying the usage when applicable (verb tenses, etc.). To test recall, a review comes after every tenth word (as matching or fill-in-the-blank exercises, etc.). Vocabulary Cartoons teaches 218 words and is aimed as an introduction to the series. Most of these words are repeated in the Word of the Day (173 out of 180), which utilizes a full-sized format with 2-4 words on each page, adding antonyms and synonyms to expand vocabulary. This volume is perfect for an older student wanting a quick introduction or review. Although you’ll most likely want to use one volume or the other, these two do use different sentences in the reviews.

If you like this approach, the 2013 revised and updated Vocabulary Cartoons I and Vocabulary Cartoons II each includes 290 additional SAT® words.

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