Picture These SAT Words

Familiarity with words commonly used on the SAT can give you an edge when it comes to the critical reading portion of the test. This book uses a technique called "super-mnemonics" to help you quickly memorize and remember SAT vocabulary. An effective method for visual learners, each word is illustrated by an amusing cartoon that both sounds like the word and illustrates its meaning. For instance, take the word "antagonism" which is defined as "actively expressed hostility." You are prompted to think "ant tag on" and to picture the cartoon which depicts some very angry and aggressive ants all wearing tags that say "attack ant." The tagline reads "Antagonism from ants with tags on them." All this is used to create links and to reinforce how the word "antagonism" is stored in your memory. Additional sample sentences are also provided to show how the word can be used. The Picture These SAT Words! book defines and illustrates 300 SAT words and provides SAT-like review questions after each 12 word-group. Picture These SAT Words in a Flash is the easier to practice flashcard version. It contains 200 flashcards, roughly 3.75" x 5.5", of words found in the book. ~ Anh

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