The Spell of Words

This speller was written specifically for older students with specific language disability (developmental dyslexia), although it would benefit any struggling speller. Fourteen lessons cover basic spelling rules such as the doubling rule, silent e, ie and ei, endings, plurals and possessives, and others through exercises tried and true for teaching those with developmental dyslexia. Each lesson contains simple explanations of the rules, plenty of example words, and words that are an exception to the rule, as well as several practice exercises that provide students the opportunity to spell words for themselves following the rules they have learned. Engaging composition ideas are also included in every chapter. Three additional chapters at the back of the book include a list of Greek prefixes, review exercises, and spelling word lists. The teacher's manual contains a suggested lesson plan for the teacher which provides helpful tips on using the program as well as specific advice for teaching spelling to students with SLD, the answers to the workbook exercises, and several dictations for each lesson. ~ Steph

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