Dictionary Skills

A dictionary can be a very useful tool, and these workbooks provide fun exercises and activities that will develop the skills necessary to use one most effectively. Each book requires a dictionary to complete the majority of the exercises. The first book works on alphabetical order, where students simply write the next letter in a series or connect the letters to draw a picture. Then, students use a dictionary to complete such exercises as listing what page number certain words are on, filling in definitions of words, and using the dictionary to see if a word is an adjective, verb, or noun. The second book is a little more intense and includes a pre/post test and an answer key. Students complete exercises such as putting entry words in alphabetical order, writing definitions of words, looking up the difference between homonyms, and dividing words into syllables with accent marks. Each book has an easy-to-use format with fun black and white drawings interspersed. Workbooks are reproducible; answers provided. ~ Rachel S.

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