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This software is a great supplement to any English curriculum. It provides extra practice and reinforcement of basic grammar and punctuation concepts, presented by the animated host, Mike McGee. As soon as students load the CD-ROM and log in, they are presented with the menu of topics. After selecting a topic, students complete a few short exercises to help evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Then, Mike shows them which areas they need practice with and they get started with the lessons. While students can work through all of the sections if desired, this process allows them to skip areas they have already mastered so that they are always learning and being challenged. Mike presents the short tutorials, explaining the concepts and giving examples. The bulk of what Mike says is also shown on the screen so students can follow along and actually see what he is explaining. Other features of the software include tests, progress charts, and a Teacher's Section with detailed student records.

System requirements (PC only): Windows 7, XP or Vista; ~ Melissa

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Grades: 4-9
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