Dry Erase Skill Lapboards

These are great! It was love at first sight when I saw this new line of student lapboards at a fall supplier convention. There are four different ones, all made of solid hardboard and DOUBLE-sided. The fronts have a light yellow dry erase surface printed with guidelines, graphs or other features (specifics below). The backs are clear, white markerboard surface. So you get two functionally different products in one. They’re economical, too. Using markerboards also cuts down on paper use and garbage.

The Primary Skills lapboard is ideal for work with reading, writing, math, and spelling skills. A ruled section includes guidelines with descender line and dotted middle line. The number line boxes from 1-20 at the top are great for working basic math problems. 2 + 4? Fill in two boxes, then four more. 7 - 3? Fill in seven boxes, then erase (take away) three. It works just like a number line. At the bottom, there’s a printed clock face for learning to tell time, and a place value grid to teach borrowing and carrying, or just to keep numbers properly aligned. The Mid-Skills lapboard also has ruled lines to write on. But now, if you turn the board sideways, they function as place-value grid lines with columns for whole numbers and decimal fractions. Other printed features are a multiplication grid (5 x 7? Fill in five rows of seven columns) and a fraction chart that helps the student see equivalence and add and subtract fractions. The High-Skills lapboard has ruled lines with a side margin, like writing paper. Turned sideways, the marginal area becomes columns for tables, charts, graphs, or whatever. It’s a very flexible tool. Also printed on the board are maps of the world and the U.S. Maps are unlabeled and can be used in a variety of ways in history and geography. The Graph Skills Lapboard is printed with a graph on the whole front side. Students can graph equations on this side and use the white back side to work problems. The graphing board can also be used to construct charts, graphs, record data, or even for artwork (gridding exercises). Markers and erasers are sold separately. Markers are low odor, have fine tips and come in four different colors: black, blue, green, or purple. No color choice is allowed but, if you purchase more than one, we will assort. Erasers are student-sized. They erase completely and are washable. Size: approx. 14.5” x 11.5”.

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