Writing Styles Photo Prompt Cards

Sometimes it's hard to come up with creative ideas for writing assignments, especially for all the different kinds of writing. These packs of cards provide visual prompts for different writing styles, including expository, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive writing. Each set includes 32 high-interest prompt cards that measure 8" x 6". One side of each card is a full-color photo of something captivating like wild animals, children playing, or exotic locations. The opposite side of each card gives three writing prompts based on the picture, usually for three different styles of writing. All kinds of expository, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive writing prompts are included - poetry, letters, processes, creative writing, research, cause and effect, dialogue, informative, and more. Find the prompts that suit your needs, use prompts about topics that interest students, or work your way through all the prompt cards so students can explore and practice a large variety of writing styles. An example: one card has a photo of a few lions resting in a tree; the expository prompt is to imagine you are a lion-taming expert and write a how-to-essay explaining the best way to wake a lion; the descriptive prompt is to pretend you are on a safari vacation and you have to write a letter to friends back home telling them about the lions you saw; the narrative prompt instructs you to pretend to be one of the lions and tell a story about what you are going to do when you wake up. With engaging photos and three excellent prompts on each card (that's 96 prompts in each set!), these sets offer age-appropriate writing assignments that meet state and national standards and are lots of fun. ~ Rachel

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