Imitation in Writing

As the title suggests, this course from Logos Press aims to teach writing through the medium of imitation. The author proposes that as it was the method of a bygone era, and since educators still use imitation to teach many different subjects, e.g. handwriting, art, math, music, and reading, it is an effective tool for teaching the art of writing. Written for a classroom setting, the series is easily adapted to a homeschool environment. Each book has step-by-step instructions, beginning with the student’s first reading of the original work and ending with a final draft and grading of his own version. All of the stories, tales, myths or fables to be imitated are included in each book, along with reproducible worksheets which guide the student in taking notes on key aspects of rewriting the original: vocabulary, plot, characters and any additional requirements. Examples are given of completed worksheets and rewritten stories, tales, myths and fables to aid the teacher. A neat series for teaching young people to write creatively. ~ Zach

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