First Step for Modern Chinese

If your student has had a solid introduction to Chinese pronunciation, pinyin and characters, this curriculum is your next step! The Elementary Reader (354 pp, sc) serves as the textbook, containing 30 lessons, each designed to cover one week's worth of classes. Each lesson includes a dialogue or short essay with vocabulary lists and lengthy grammar notes, and a one-page cultural notes section. Stories are illustrated with full-color drawings. This course emphasizes basic grammar structure and principles while using conversations that represent real-life situations. Vocabulary is introduced below the dialogue in easy-to-read charts with simplified (at left) and traditional (at right) characters. Since either simplified or traditional characters are used and taught in different parts of the Chinese-speaking world, this combination is an added bonus. Please note that simplified characters, pinyin and an English translation are used to teach the main lesson. However, for those wishing to learn only traditional characters, the dialogue is written fully in traditional characters on a separate page.

The listening components for the text, vocabulary lists and workbook are free and are available through smart phone with a QR reader or computer as a downloadable audio file. The companion workbook (316 pp) is sold separately and is spiral bound with perforated pages. The course includes listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar exercise, translations, and composition (beginning with sentences and progressing to multiple paragraphs). With oral practice, this course would equate to a 1 credit high school course. ~ Ruth

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