Four Square Personal Writing Coach

These companion workbooks to the Four Square Writing Method provide students with thirteen writing projects, with step-by-step directions for completing each one. While the activities correspond to the method being taught in the original books, they are independent projects and could easily be completed separately. Not as much instruction or examples about the method are given in these workbooks, students are simply using the method and writing prompts to write thirteen essays. Each writing project follows the same basic format. First, the topic of the writing is introduced. Then students draw pictures of parts of the story in sketching boxes provided. Next, using the prompts provided, students create word streams of descriptive words, verbs, and nouns that correspond to the story. After that, a worksheet asks ten or so questions about the story that gets students thinking more deeply and considering different aspects. Then a poetry page (providing a variety of poetic forms throughout the book) guides students through writing a small poem about the topic. Finally, a four-square is given with students to fill out using the details of the story. Encouragement from the "coach" on the next page instructs students to use the square to write their very own story. A lined sheet of paper is provided after each of the thirteen units for students to write their complete stories directly in the book if they want. Topics are usually general ones like "When I was Little," "My Best Friend," and "Holidays." A perfect workbook for students who need to learn about structuring their writing or for those who need a bit more guidance. ~ Rachel

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