Write on Target

Like the Read on Target series (see description in Reading section), this series also utilizes a wealth of graphic organizers to spark interest, build critical thinking skills, and hone skills - this time in the writing area. Five chapters cover narrative writing; descriptive communication through journals, letters, directions and invitations; explanation communication through thank-you notes, summaries, and informational reports; and persuasive communication through letters to the editor. Like the Read on Target series, each lesson is broken up into a series of steps to guide students through reading an example of each writing topic, completing pre-writing and writing activities using a graphic organizer, writing their own piece, editing and then reviewing it. The Teacher's Guide contains extensive information on using the program and graphic organizers, how to introduce and teach each topic, and how to use the given prompts and organizers to guide the students to producing a well-rounded and complete piece of writing. Additional resources, consisting of young adult fiction and nonfiction that illustrate each of the writing types is listed in the teacher's manual as well, should you want to flesh out the program into the literature realm as well. Although you would need to supplement grammar instruction to make this a complete English program, all in all it is a very organized and well-rounded writing program for the elementary grades. The heavy graphic organizer usage in this course should especially benefit visual or hands-on learners where writing is organized into a visual format. - Jess

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