Core Skills: Language Arts

This series from Steck-Vaughn is designed to improve the language skills needed to communicate effectively. The workbooks each provide more than 100 worksheets with the philosophy that practicing language and writing skills will lead to near perfection in usage. The easy-to-follow format features one skill per page with varied exercises allowing the learner to practice each skill in different contexts. Lessons have specific instructions and examples, designed for your student to complete independently. Grammar lessons range from using nouns and verbs to constructing better sentences. The workbooks also feature strong writing sections, ranging from friendly letters to research reports. Each book in the series is broken up into units, practicing different areas of language. For example, the fourth grade book is divided into parts of speech, sentences, mechanics, vocabulary and usage, writing, and research skills, with activities like identifying parts of sentences, rewriting sentences, short answer, fill-in-the--blank, and essays. Helpful tips and targeted activities strengthen the writing skills necessary to succeed in school and on standardized tests. Answers included.

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