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Beginning in grade 2, Bob Jones offers a complete English program at all levels to train students to communicate effectively. Both oral and written skills are developed, with increasing emphasis on composition at the upper levels. Everything that you would expect in an English program is here from mechanics, to word types, grammar (including parts of speech and diagramming), and all types and forms of writing - including analysis and composition. As with all Bob Jones materials, the course integrates Christian themes and references. Teacher's Editions contain daily lesson plans and answers to the student worktext exercises. Student worktexts are consumable and are centered on different themes at each grade level. Testpacks are made up of ready-to-use tests for each chapter, and answers to these are found in the Testpack Key. Brief overviews of skills by grade level are below. Required materials are listed first, followed by asterisked (*) items that are considered optional. Supplemental materials used at multiple grade levels are listed after the grade-level listings. Home School Kits contain Teacher's Edition, Worktext and test material at a lower price.

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Item # 195685
Grades: 5
Our Price: $85.56
Item # 200535
Grades: 6
Our Price: $85.56
Item # 218370
Grades: 7
Our Price: $89.44
Item # 218305
Grades: 8
Our Price: $89.44
Item # 125351
Grades: 9
Our Price: $45.56
Item # 113837
Grades: 7-12
Retail: $20.56
Our Price: $18.50
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