Shakespeare Made Easy Series

If you got to study Shakespeare's plays the same way I did in my high schoolEnglish course, you probably don't want to inflict the same pain on yourchildren. There is nothing worse than reading through a play, answering two orthree "thought provoking" questions, and then having to write a full-lengthessay on some obscure feeling that one of the characters may have had at somepoint during the play. It is always nice, then, to come across books such asthe ones in this series. With so many varied activities, students have time tobuild up confidence in their knowledge of the play before they attempt to tryand write an essay. Each of the books in this series first has an introductionto the play, which gives some background on the characters, time period, andhistory surrounding the play; and then a scene by scene synopsis of the play(no actual text included, just summaries), which ends in a list of thecharacters and stage directions used in the play. These guides can be used inconjunction with the Barron's Shakespeare Made Easy texts or standalone. And, of course, if you are to study Shakespeare, you must know who he is- these books also have an introduction to the man and his times. With all ofthat accomplished, there are then 30 activities, (generally one per page), tohelp students explore the depth of Shakespeare's plays. Reading through theactivities, I found them to be easy to follow, clear in what they are asking,and doing a good job of laying the groundwork so that students can write thatessay in the end (at least one of the activities in the final section of eachbook calls for essay writing). With this series, students will have no need tobe afraid of Shakespeare - overwhelmed at times, maybe, but not afraid. Answersare provided. ~ Zach

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