Tales from Shakespeare (Graphic-format)

I was once told by a high school English teacher that Shakespeare's plays were meant to be seen, not read. Although that didn't make much sense at the time, I can see now that he had a point. Shakespeare is definitely much easier to understand if you can visualize what is happening instead of relying solely on the dialog and your imagination. This series, made specifically for children, presents adaptations of Shakespeare's famous plays in an easy-to-understand comic-strip format. Each comic is set at the Globe Theater, complete with amusing comments made by members of the audience. Though the main characters speak dialog straight from the play, the plot is explained in simple language underneath each frame. The humorous illustrations will definitely make you chuckle. After reading each comic, you'll be able to recognize main characters and have a basic understanding of the plot of the play. Each book in this series contains seven different plays in colorful comics. ~ Anh

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Grades: 3-7
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