TAG: The Art Game

Many art games are designed around famous masterpieces, but in TAG, you are creating the masterpiece! One or more players can play, with everyone collaborating to create one abstract work of art. The game comes in two versions: one with all of the art supplies you'll need, and one with just the game components - you provide the art supplies (paint, drawing medium, paper for collage, sturdy paper to work on, glue, scissors and a paint brush). To begin, you start with one communal sheet of watercolor paper, and spin the color wheel to reveal six colors numbered 1-6. This includes black or white (1), four analagous colors (2-5) and one one complimentary color (6). You will use this set of colors for the duration of the game. On each player's turn they flip a Location card to find the area on the paper that they will be working, then an Action card which determines if the player will collage, paint, or draw. Then they flip a corresponding Collage, Paint, or Draw card to find what they are creating (circles, cross-hatch, stars, etc.) and roll the dice to find the color they will work in. Now it's time to create! Either using your own art supplies or the ones included in the version with art supplies, players take turns adding to the piece. The game continues until a player draws a "Finished?" card and everyone agrees that it's done. What an awesome way for the whole family to create art or a fun activity for an art lesson! Winner of a Dr. Toy award, Creative Child Magazine game award and more. - Jess

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Grades: PK-AD
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