Scratch & Scribble Art Kits

If you’re seeing dazzling colors, you’ve only just scratched to the surface! Each of these themed kits include four pieces of paper with pre-sketched line work. Add color and pattern to each drawing by etching designs into the black paper. Wherever your stylus has scraped, rainbow or sparkle colors will be revealed. Give the dragons some scales, add some fluffiness to the lion’s mane, and swirl the sea turtle’s shell! When you feel ready to create without the guided line work, you can scribble on the 4 blank scratch paper cards to reveal your own vibrant composition. There are also glittering stickers waiting to be unmasked. The eight scratch cards (4 designed, 4 blank) included in each kit measure 5.8” x 8.3”, and the sticker sheet measures 8” x 8” with 4 large stickers. Also included in each kit is a double-ended wooden stylus. ~ Janine

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