Quiz It Pen Box Sets

I loved these kinds of activities when I was a kid! Simply press the interactive "pen" against the answer dot and see if you answered the question correctly! These sets are made up of glossy colorful books full of all sorts of questions, each with multiple-choice answers.I love these sets for several reasons: all the questions are contained within books which keeps them organized and easy to take along (instead of loose cards); the spiral binding which allows them to open flat (no irritating "hump"); the colorful photographs of objects and animals (rather than illustrations); and the variety of questions (to keep boredom at bay).Kids select an answer and the pen provides immediate feedback to let them know if they chose correctly! If the star at the top of the pen lights up in yellow and the pen provides one of several positive vocal responses, they got it right! If the pen lights up in red and gives a negative response, they need to try again!The Preschool and Kindergarten Box sets each include four 64-page books with a wide variety of questions on math, language arts, science, social science, foreign language, fine arts, and more. The Encyclopedia Britannica Kids Set contains four 64-page books about animals: Magnificent Mammals; Slither, Creep, and Leap; In the Sky; and In the Water, which are at an age 3+ level.Each of these sets contain 500 (or more) questions. The Encyclopedia Britannica Animal Library set is for ages 6+ and includes 8 books about animals: Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Bugs, Tooth & Claw, Hoof & Horn, Sea Animals, and Extinct Animals. (Please note that Extinct Animals contains evolutionary content - you could either remove this book from your collection or simply black out those questions, because the questions about dinosaurs are very interesting and not evolutionary in nature.I tried blacking out a sentence in my copy and did several layers with a permanent marker and it did not bleed through). Even as an adult, I learned a lot about animals by looking at these books! This 8-book set contains a whopping 1001 questions! Each set also contains the interactive pen (with four volume modes - high, medium, low, and mute) and comes with 2 AAA batteries. These are great sets for hours of learning fun! ~ Megan

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Grades: PK-3
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