NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Speech

For over 20 years, the NCFCA (National Christian Forensics and Communications Association) has been committed to excellence, critical thinking and effective communication by addressing practical life issues from a Biblical worldview in a God-glorifying way. Using the Parent's Guide, Coach's Manual, and Competitor's Handbook, the course provides a dynamic and in-depth option for a group or co-op. Focusing on effective communication emphasizing competitive speech, students will learn how to hone a message; incorporate storytelling and research; evaluate their resources, audience and more. NCFCA competition participation is recommended but not required. Students will learn to present eleven different types of speeches divided into three basic categories: Platform (Informative; Biographical Narrative; Persuasive; and Illustrated Oratory); Interpretation (Biblical; Open; Duo and Original Interpretation); and Limited Preparation (Apologetics; Extemporaneous; and Impromptu) speeches.

The Parent's Guide (spiral bound, 179 pgs, pb.) will help you guide your student as they participate. While you can't use this for teaching the material, it does provide instructions/ rules and sample speech ballots for each of the 11 speech events and a list of apologetics topics. For each type of speech, parents are provided with an overview to guide students in writing and presenting a speech: a summary, objectives, assignments, notes and tips, quick review (of speech goals and judging objectives) and a recommended resource list. Additional materials are available through a link or QR code. Speech script submission rules and guidelines are also included.

The Coach's Manual (binder, 436 pgs, pb) covers similar materials as the Parent's guide, but also provides an in-depth, scripted guide to teaching the material, with a class agenda, preparation checklist, activities, teaching ideas, topics, etc., for each of the 11 speech events. The Appendix includes rules and speech ballots for each of the 11 speech events and a list of apologetics topics.

Written to the student, the Competitor's Handbook (348 pgs, 3-hole binder) directs the student to writing and presenting each type of speech with a Q & A with National Speech champions, readings, worksheets and guides to thoroughly craft their writing and presentation, assignments and activities.

The Complete Set includes the Parent's Guide and the Coach's and Competitor's manuals. Purchase of any of the course components provides access to sample supplementary educational resources, including PowerPoint and video streaming available for your family or classroom. Instructions included. These materials provide a thorough, professional way for any parent to teach speech and prepare for speech competitions. Nonreproducible, ©2016, first edition. ~ Ruth

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