Ready to Paint the Masters Series

Would you like to learn to paint, but your drawing ability is stopping you? Are you an art student looking for more advanced painting projects? Do you love the work of Monet and Van Gogh and want to have a go at recreating some of their famous works? Alright, enough of the questions! Each of these books has instruction and more to complete 5 paintings 15x11.5". Some of the paintings focus on one element of the artist's work, like a chair in Van Gogh's bedroom or a close up of Monet's water lilies, while others are a full image of the original. You really get a sense of the artist's style this way. When I asked about your drawing ability, it was because there are tracings in these books for you to copy. Tear them out of the book, carefully color the back side with a graphite pencil, flip it over and trace the image onto your paper, board or canvas. You can use these tracings several times if you are careful. Once traced, the books have beautiful color photos and easy-to-follow narratives guiding you in the painting process. Monet has over 120 photos and Van Gogh has over 270! If you did all 10 paintings in a high school year, it would certainly count as an art credit in my opinion, and what a gorgeous gallery you would have! Especially good follow up to the Barry Stebbing Beginning Painting course. Acrylic paints have rich color and clean up with soap/water. 8.5x11.5", 64pp. pb. ~ Sara

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