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From the new millennium girl’s collection, this creative writing series gives girls an outline along with writing guidelines in an engaging format to create a book. Kids write in the books as they get lessons on writing a good plot with correct grammar. This would be a fun addition to a grammar or writing program that gives kids a chance to apply what they are learning. Introducing Isabel contains the writing components to develop characters, establish setting and plot, write dialogue and brainstorm story ideas. The cover of Isabels Closet has the paper doll version of Isabel and the inside pages contain loads of outfits for her to wear. With this product, you can reenact the stories you've created about Isabel. There are several hair designs to color and cut out. Add a set of colored pencils with this book and your young ladies will be off to the races, or a party, or wherever your child’s story takes Isabel!

In 2017, three books were added to the series to get your students excited to write. I found these to be more neutral than the girl-focused Isabel books. Ocean Adventures combines loads of fun science exploration with writing a good story. Over the 12 lessons, add your own interests and imagination to the question prompts that teach you how to develop characters and more. Your story is finished at this point, and now you get to write the final draft on the lined pages in the back that have cartoon sea life borders you can color. There is even a cover page for you and some resource pages with animal facts you can use to begin your research. Zany Zoo Adventures is similarly formatted. Loads of fun prompts lead you through the story writing process. Kids will choose an animal character and create an imaginative story. Spies of the Revolutionary War has 6 lessons walking you through the process of writing a historical fiction story: create a spy character, make a secret code, create a setting & plot, and write good dialogue. Visually appealing, this book will have you create a lapbook along with other crafty projects as well (101 pages). The latest title, published in 2021, features a pirate theme! Yo, Ho, Ho! Write a Pirate Adventure! This volume draws the reluctant writer through creating a salty pirate tale by asking questions as idea prompts. Along the way, you will make a few cleverly themed snacks, color some treasure maps, and even learn some actual historical facts. Learn to speak a clean version of pirate to write a silly dialogue for your story! These are a very user-friendly way to teach some solid story writing principles. 85-90 pages each, pb. ~ Sara/Ruth

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