Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones of the ...

Dr. Bonyfide is your guide. He's also a skeleton teaching you about the 206 bones of your body.

In comic book format, Anatomics tells the story of Dr. Bonyfide and Pinky as they travel back in time, using the "historator", to help Pinky learn about the bones of the human body in the setting of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. There, Pinky will learn about all the bones of the body and how they work as she participates in the Pentathlon. This book is a fun introduction for those who like to learn in less traditional ways. 72 pg, hc.

The workbooks aren't dependent on the use of the book Anatomics and are some of the most in-depth I have ever seen for the elementary grades. Each workbook covers just one portion of the bones in the human body - Book 1: hand/arm/shoulder; Book 2: foot/leg/pelvis; Book 3: rib cage/spine; and Book 4: head/face/neck. Some of the book content is presented in a lyrical fashion to help students remember, but there are also illustrations, diagrams, and mnemonics, and definitions (with pronunciations) for unusual words they will encounter. There are written activities like fill-in-the-blank, drawing, mazes, labeling, and much more. Books 1 and 2 include a pair of cardboard "x-ray" glasses to help you find the hidden messages throughout. The books vary in length - 115 pages in Book 1, 123 in Book 2, 160 in Book 3, and 155 in Book 4. Elementary students will love studying "boneology" with Dr. Bonyfide. ~ Donna

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