Calculadder Drill Masters With Superslate

Do you remember CalcuLadder® in their print version? Well, they're back!! Every level of CalcuLadder® is available again with the addition of a handy new feature that allows you to use the drill sheets repeatedly - the SuperSlate. The SuperSlate is a reusable, transparent overlay that fastens firmly over your drill sheet that has been placed on the base. Use only a #2 pencil or mechanical pencil with an HB lead to write answers to the drill problems. Flip the sheet over to check your answers, then clean the overlay with a bit of petroleum jelly and dry cloth or tissue. The drill pages are the same as those that used to be in print and are also found in the CalcuPak product. CalcuLadder 1 is basic addition and subtraction, 2 is advanced addition/subtraction and basic multiplication, 3 covers advanced multiplication and basic division, 4 includes advanced division, estimation, basic fractions, and decimals, 5 is intermediate and advanced fractions, and 6 includes percents, English and Metric units, geometric concepts, and review of fractions and decimals.

MasterPaks are more economical for those who know they are going to use multiple levels of the CalcuLadder® program. MasterPak 1 includes CalcuLadder® levels 1, 2, and 3 with ReadyWriter; MasterPak 2 includes CalcuLadder® 4, 5, and 6 with AlphaBetter. These sets also come with the SuperSlate feature. ReadyWriter covers basic letter strokes and AlphaBetter practices alphabetical order, alphabetizing skills, and dictionary skills.

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Grades: 2-4
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Grades: 1-3
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